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Strawnana (H) THC 89%


1 Gram


Universal Cartridge

Our premium vapes are designed to give you a potent high for

a great price without sacrificing on quality. Our oils are

quadruple-distilled, cold-pressed and infused with

sub-zero extracted sauce to bring you a well-rounded high.

- Ideal for anytime of the day because it's the

right balance between mind and body high

- Infused with hybrid concentrates to add

potency and natural cannabis terpenes,

super functional but stoney

- sweet, ripe strawberries and bananas

Bred in Amsterdam by Reserva Privada -- a subdivision of DNA Genetics -- Strawberry Banana’s (also referred to as Strawnana) mother is a female Banana Kush from Crockett Family Farms crossed with a male Bubblegum selected from a pack of seeds originally bred by Serious Seeds.

The end result is a frosty, resinous bud that’s notably easy to grow in virtually any environment, both indoors and outdoors.

The strain has won several awards, including 1st Sativa Flower at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup, and 1st Judges Choice at Cannabis Cup Brazil in 2016.

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