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Tahoe OG (I) THC 90%


1 Gram


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- pines and flowers

Tahoe OG was created in the Lake Tahoe/Mammoth region by California breeder Ganja Guru, who crossed OG Kush phenotypes to achieve one of the most potent phenos possible.

The Tahoe strain contains all the excellence of its Kush heritage and its origin has been a source of confusion among breeders.

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Several online sources report Tahoe was developed in the 1980s, but that timeframe is inconsistent with the 1992 emergence of OG Kush -- of which Tahoe OG is a phenotype. In fact, recent genetic testing confirmed certain Tahoe cuts are related to OG Kush.

OG Kush appeared when breeder Matt “Bubba” Burger brought his Florida-grown strain to new, indoor settings engineered by California’s JoshD of JoshD Farms. The OG stood for “original,” and indicated the strain was part of the ’92 cut grown by Burger and his team.

From there, Ganja Guru moved a step further with Tahoe OG, selecting phenotypes based on THC levels and trichome density.

Its desirability earned the cultivar 3rd place for Best Indica at the 2011 Cannabis Cup.


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