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Sugar Cone (I)


0.5 Gram


100% Live Resin Disposable Pen

Our disposable Live Resin pens are authentically made with 100% fresh frozen material. That means you can chill out and take a deep breath in knowing that what is going into your lungs doesn’t contain anything other than what nature intended and Connected cultivated. There’s no difference in flavor between your jar of Sugar Cone and the Sugar Cone oil in your disposable pen except convenience and discretion.

Sugar Cone Flavor Profile: Sugarcone was definitely a keeper based on the nose alone. It has one of the most unique smells on a gelato cross we've done. It's a sweet cream, cookie nose with a blast of sangria; a perfect blend of both parents. The taste is smooth with a nice hybrid high that settles behind the eyes after the initial “space cadet” rush.


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