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XJ 13 (S) PAX

Jetty Extracts

0.5 Gram



THC 71.64%

CBD 0.27%

Cannabis Oil Concentrate

One Pod Compatible With all ERA Devices

Everyone loves the unique terpene profile of the Jack Herer lineage: lemony, citrus notes with a piney, fresh aroma. With a cross of Jack Herer x G13, XJ-13 is an energizing sativa for an uplifted experience.  Jetty HIGH THC is super-potent and features a variety of legendary cannabis strains. Jetty HIGH THC is triple-tested and made in our Oakland lab using an exclusive cannabis terpene blend.  PAX Era pods are designed for exclusive use with PAX Era devices, a premium pen and pod system offering built-in and app-based controls. Featuring a variety of Jetty strains, use your PAX device to set desired temperature, access strain information and lots more.


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