Before we go into any deeper, here are some tips for our account system:
1.“Guest Account” is free to register, you will be able to purchase with a regular price with” Same day service” or “Next Day service” upon your selection.
2.“Member Account” is upgraded from Guest Account, all items are 10% off with “Same Day service” or 20% off with “Next Day service”.


You will check out as "Member Account" For your First Time Patient Deal 10% off Same Day or 20% off Next Day. 

Follow the instruction in order to get your FTP Deal. 

1. You will need to atleast create a Guest Account at

2. once you are done shopping please go to your shopping cart.

3. Please click "Member" Account Icon at the bottom of the check out page to get 10% off Same day or 20% off Next day. 

4. Follow the instructions and Carefully enter your information.

5. After you done schedule the delivery. Please read all information on your last confirmation page. 

6. The Driver will be with you shortly, please text us at 626 696 6262 if you have any questions.