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Flower - Hot Box - Scotty's Mom (I) 3.5g

Cushy Kush


3.5 Gram


Total THC

Ready to meet our wild child, Cushy Kush? She's Apple Ba-Bomb and Super Boof's lovechild and, my oh my, she's got their good genes. Picture Bob Ross on a psychedelic trip, splashing a vibrant mix of greens and purples with trichomes longer than a limbo stick – that's Cushy Kush. She's moist, crumbly, and ready to grind. Taking a sniff, she'll surprise you like a surprise birthday party in a citrus grove, fruit salad in hand and a hint of pine and spice floating in from somewhere.Smoking her is a joyride on a velvet highway, with a piney flavor punching up the fruity-citrus undernotes.One puff and you're sky-high, strutting around cloud nine. This green goddess doesn't mess around. Two hits and you're philosophizing like Socrates with a dash of stand-up comedy, but watch out, three hits and you're playing hide-and-seek with your sanity. That's our Cushy Kush, a power-packed, sensory kaleidoscope of a strain.


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