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Sugar Tarts (I) THC 23%

Glass House Farms

3.5 Gram


THC 22.21%

CBD 0.06%

Total Cannabinoids 26.03%

Medium - Large

Premium Purple

In Jar

AA Grade

Tangy and tart, floral and funky, the uniquely pungent Sugar Tarts drinks in the Santa Barbara sunshine and transforms it into a happy heaviness for the mind and body. This farm favorite can be strong, but its effects tend to come on gradually, full of soothing and comfort, stoney vibes and dreamy thoughts that eventually become an intense desire to lie down and snuggle up. Velvet pajamas in cannabis form.


FeelingsMellow, Happy, Soothed

FlavorBerry, Flowery, Funky

Usage: Pushing Pause, Winding Down, Cuddling Up


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