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Ice Cream Cake (I) THC 24%

Glass House Farms

3.5 Gram

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THC 23.41%

CBD 0.09%

Cannabinoids 28.54%



AAA Grade

In Jar

Premium Indoor 

This strain lives up to its namesake in all the right ways: it smells of sweet vanilla and sugary dough, it’s flushed with frosty trichomes, and delivers a world-class brain-freeze the moment you bite in. A cross between Wedding Cake and Gelato #33, Ice Cream Cake comes on heavy with a rich body high, making it ideal for relieving stress and muscle pain. Or just sinking into the couch to toast the end of the day. And like all great desserts, you’ll be ready for a good night’s sleep the moment you’re done.


Feelings soothing, relaxing, sleepy

Flavor sweet vanilla, cream, pastry dough

Usage sauna-soak, winding down the day, bedtime

Lineage: Wedding Cake x Gelato #33


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