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The Soap (H)

West Cure Coast

3.5 Gram

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THC 36.4%

CBD 0.05%

Total Cannabinoids 43.8%

Premium Indoor

Full Size

In Bag

AAA Grade

Total THC 36.41%

The Soap’s aroma has a gassy nose with notes of floral, perfume, vanilla and mint. The taste is sweet with the vanilla and mint coming through strongest and leaving a nice menthol finish on your tongue. The flowers are lime green and glistening with sticky trichomes. A great daytime smoke due to its stress reducing qualities, this strain comes highly recommended.    * All indoor top-shelf flowers by West Coast Cure™ are compliant with California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control requirements.


The Soap is a hybrid cross of Animal Mintz and Kush Mintz, and represents a collaborative effort between Cookies and Seed Junky Genetics. 

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