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Melted Strawberries (I)

West Cure Coast

3.5 Gram

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THC 32.8%

CBD 0.07%

Total Cannabinoids 38.7%

Full Size 

Premium Indoor

In Bag

AAA Grade

Total THC

 An odd-sounding cross perhaps, but the selected phenotypes have a sweet and fruity nose loaded with hints of strawberries, ripe guava, and a light garlic-chem funk finish. The smell from these perfectly cured flowers transfers directly into a nice flavor profile with an earthy finish. Light green and appearing drenched in resin, the buds are thoroughly coated in psychoactive trichomes. Uplifting and very euphoric, the effects provide great stress relief and cultivate an overall sense of bliss. 

* All indoor top-shelf flowers by West Coast Cure™are compliant with California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control requirements. 


Melted Strawberries by WCC are a hybrid flower that crosses the genetics of GMO and Strawberry Guava.

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