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STIIIZY Gelato Mintz Indica solventless vape pod

Gelato Mintz (I)


0.5 Gram


Solventless products in the cannabis market, particularly in California, are taking over the industry. As cannabis has evolved and our consumers become more informed, more and more cannabis connoisseurs are looking for a more enhanced and elevated experience to add to their wake and bakes and nightly sessions with friends. Some are now looking for more than a high and diving deep into the complexity that the cannabis plant is able to provide.

Solventless has been around for a while. But why is the once niche product suddenly booming and now desired in most retail cannabis dispensaries? What we have found is that solventless provides a full spectrum terpene profile experience for those who want to enjoy the full burst of flavor from their products. With all the different extraction processes that come to play when getting the perfect concentrate for your vape, solventless omits using solvent proponents such as butane, propane, alcohol, CO2, etc. and uses natural processes to extract your tasteful, terpene full, concentrate.

STIIIZY has just released new solventless pods which pairs the best with our regular STIIIZY battery. You can find more info on exclusive STIIIZY Solventless strains in the link below.


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