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Muha Meds Mimosa Maverick sativa disposable vape cart

Mimosa Maverick (S) Dispo

Muha Meds

0.5 Gram



Hash Rosin

Enjoy a Muha Meds Mimosa without having to worry about the hangover. The flavor is similar to the bottomless brunch drink, our Mimosa tastes like citrus fruits with hints of sugars and honey. The potent flavor stems from its Beta-Caryophyllene and Beta-Pinene terpenes. Striking effects from this sativa include happiness, energy, and overall relaxation.

Made from premium high quality single source fresh frozen, sourced from local craft cannabis farmers, and crafted with only water, ice, heat, and pressure to give you a solventless and pure true to strain full-spectrum experience. 100% solventless extraction method with no chemicals, no distillate, no BS… the purest form of strain specific cannabis concentrate. Muha Meds’ extraction method gives you everything the flower has to offer from the terpenes to the taste, to the full spectrum effect all packed into a convenient ready to use device.


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